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Topside: For the year we lived in England, my daughter, Sylvi, was an avid follower of a trendy e-magazine called HOTHOT. She loved exploring the latest in fashion, music, social events, and especially food. This enthusiasm led us to countless new restaurant adventures, as we often indulged her curiosity. Although initially upset when HOTHOT went offline, Sylvie quickly found a new e-magazine that captured her interest, keeping her up-to-date with the hottest trends.

Interestingly, one of these trends involved designer cast iron skillets - this one. These were not just cooking tools but had become a statement of style and quality in kitchens. Sylvie, ever the trendsetter, was fascinated by how these skillets were featured in the magazine, often in the hands of celebrity chefs or as part of stylish kitchen layouts. It was a unique blend of culinary arts and fashion – something that both surprised and intrigued me.

While I personally found more excitement in the evolution of my own field, which involved staying updated with the latest technological advancements (though not specifically in CRM or Salesforce), Sylvie would often playfully dismiss my interests as "boring." Her world was one of vibrant trends and ever-changing styles, while mine was more about practical applications and innovations. Yet, in her eyes, nothing could top the flair and excitement brought by HOTHOT and its captivating coverage of the latest trends.


HOTHOT coolest places to dine

“Thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy, thou shalt have a fishy when the boat comes in!’

Published Jun 4, 2014 by admin

Words: Rosie Roman

Summer’s here, and (hopefully) long sunny days are ahead of us. So, that means it’s time to leave behind the comforting, uninspiring stodge of Winter and adopt a lighter, Mediterranean-esque diet of all that is fishy! But you don’t have to jump ship and emigrate to truly taste the ocean. Look no further than London’s Simply Fish restaurants! The HOTHOT team, being huge fans of our aquatic friends, abandoned our office duties and recently ventured to Shoreditch’s Boxpark in search of some fishy culinary delights.

Simply Fish @Boxpark opened in March 2013 and is a little gem, tucked away in the depths of a 54-seat shipping container in the cool kid’s part of town. Using fresh fish sourced from sustainable Cornish fisheries and prepared as you like it, it is sure to satisfy all your seafood desires. Their mantra is all in the name: simplicity. Good, honest, affordable food served in a simple and functional interior with a hint of urban chic. (Why all restaurants haven’t got handy hidden cutlery drawers built into the tables is beyond us…)

We dived into an amuse-bouche of fried whitebait while we consulted the menu, which has a intriguing ‘pick your own’ element, as well as a small traditionally compiled menu of international delicacies. For starters, we opted for a selection of dishes including sea bass cerviche, marinated chilli prawns and chilli salt squid with soya and coconut sauce. And we couldn’t get enough! As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the dishes were mouth-wateringly delicious and we wouldn’t wait to tuck into our next course.

Although the indecisive people amongst us may find the experience of constructing your own dish a tad bit wearing, we thoroughly enjoyed it. So for mains, we decided to go for a ‘pick your own’ creation of pan fried sea bass, with citrus anchovy butter, sweet potato wedges and pak choi and 1kg of Cornish mussels in white wine and aioli sauce. Both were delicate and tasty, the complexity of the flavours anything but simple. However, if you’re a budding wine connoisseur, you may be disappointed by the brief selection of wines but we were perfectly satisfied with our accompaniment.

So, all in all, our evening went swimmingly! And afterwards, we even enjoyed a cheeky few drinks on Boxpark’s upper deck with our non-aquatic friends.

Main meals priced between £8.50 and £14.50

HOTHOT verdict: 9/10



Noviko restauatnt review

Published Feb 22, 2014 by admin

Words: Ray Cabby

Novikov, named after Russian restaurant guru Arkady Novikov, has become one of London’s most fashionable restaurants. The 540-seater establishment, including two restaurants and a lounge bar, is in a prime position in Mayfair. HOTHOT just had to see this for ourselves!

Walking through the revolving glass doors, you’re immediately confronted by a group of people lounging around the come-to reception area, a riot of sharp suits, tight dresses and champagne flutes. The Asian restaurant is on the left, the lounge bar downstairs, and the Italian restaurant straight ahead.

We were invited to the Asian restaurant; an amazing space, dark and soothing with a huge glass-walled kitchen and its very own ‘market bar’ displaying the days ‘catch on ice’. The massive open kitchen reveals dozens of chefs working furiously to fulfil orders, which is understandable when you see the menu: an oversized sheet detailing sushi, dim sum, wok dishes, barbecued dishes, vegetable dishes, salads, rice and noodles.

With so much to choose from we required help from our hugely impressive and efficient waitress. We tried a selection across the board and found the food exciting and mouth-wateringly tasty. We were tempted to order the most expensive steak ever seen on a menu – a Large ‘Wagyu’ Steak – but instead went with the famous Black Cod, a small portion of Wagyu Steak, Singapore noodles, expertly cooked King Scollops, and small Black Cod wrapped parcels. Thinking to ourselves this will be more than enough, we were encouraged to try more! So along came Yellow Tail, Tuna California roll and Pak Choi. This food is not only impressively tasty, but comes out looking like a piece of art!

The dessert was also just as good (we decided to share the chocolate cake with blood orange sorbet). Our waitress advised that jasmine tea would help us digest our food, and allow us to finally move from our table. Although the prices start high, then go higher there is such a wide selection to choose from and you really are served by top class staff, with top class food.

In Mayfair this is how they roll, very HOTHOT.

50a Berkeley Street, London W1, 020-7399 4330.

Open all week, Asian restaurant 7.30am-11.30pm (Italian restaurant 11.30am-11.30pm).




Chakra, Indian
157-159 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3LF, 020 7229 2115
Chakra takes Indian Dining to a different dimension! Beautifully presented and perfect for sharing, choose from Salads, Charcoal Grill, Tandoor, Tawa, vegetarian or non-vegetarian pan dishes – We loved the Kerala Prawn curry, Chakra black Cod, Garlic scallops and Jalandar Chicken, followed by Mango Kulfi with raspberry coulis, and the gooey chocolate melt with Cardamom ice cream. The private dining room in the rear is stunning and the entire restaurant is adorned with sleek cream and dark brown leather furniture. price £30 – £50pp

Sixtyone, French with an English twist
61 Upper Berkeley St, MayfairW1H 7PP,  020 7958 3222
Opened in November by former Gherkin chef Arnaud Stevens, who has a French Mother and and English Father, the menu is a delicate balance of the best of both cuisines. The tasting menu at £45 for 5 courses, with a wine flight for a further £30 is exceptional value – the portions are just enough to leave you contented, Beautifully presented and the delicate blend of flavours and textures is sublime! The ‘marmite bread’ is sensational, and the ‘Mussels, bread soup, crispy suckling pork belly,’ Amaze!

Baku London – Azerbaijani
165 Sloane St, London SW1X 9QB,  020 7235 5399
Azeri food is some of the best in the world, and Baku London is the local go-to destination. A clever mix of Azeri style dishes with traditional spices in a fusion to suit the British palate. Choose from tapas-style dishes to share, or take the 3 course offer for £27 per person. Consider roasted wild salmon & kuru, beetroot purée, pickled okra & sour cream dressing and a Jivara chocolate mousse, lemon sumac cream, salt & pepper caramel to finish – Delish!

2Veneti, Authentic Venetian/Italian
10, Wigmore St, London W1U 2RD, United Kingdom 020 7637 0789
For the total Venetian experience, you won’t get more authentic than this! Fabulous food and service in a bustling atmosphere where most of the clientelle converse loudly in Italian, but do book ahead – its almost always full! Our favourites? Pan fried sea scallops with bacon, borlotti beans and cherry tomato salad, home-made ravioli with lamb and rosemary sauce, Grilled calf liver with green beans in Marsalla and shallot sauce, and a pistachio parfait with coffee cream to finish, all for £36.50





Red Dog Saloon is Hoxton’s answer to the Wild Wild West!

Published Mar 9, 2014 by admin

Words: Ray Cabby

The restaurant is buzzing! Situated in the corner of Hoxton Square, floods of people begin to gather outside. Already I begin to think that this must be one very popular restaurant, rarely seen in the East End of London. As we enter, we are greeted by the welcoming, energetic team and shown the way to our reserved booth.

The dining room sets the scene, with cracked-leather banquettes, loud American music, overhead fans turning lazily and pull-out lamps from the wall creating that mysterious, yet authentic atmosphere.

But it’s the food that sells the concept: slabs of food on heavy wooden plates are rubbed with barbecue spices then cooked slowly in the kitchen’s hickory-and-mesquite-burning smoker imported from the States. Burgers, made from 100% chuck steak, also feature lavishly on the menu, as well as classics such as pulled pork and BBQ ribs. We literally had it all plus on top we decided to go for side dishes including Mac & Cheese, French Fries, and Onion Rings. Like real Americans, we washed it all down in true style with bottled US beer, ‘Brooklyn’. The food was superb, cooked to perfection and impossible to fault in any way.

Considering this was a very busy Friday evening, the Red Dog Saloon team shone under pressure and were very helpful; this visit couldn’t have gone any smoother. Very polite waiters, who have extensive knowledge of the menu are always there when you need them.

If you’re brave enough and have a stomach of steel, then try the Hot Wings Challenge (made with fresh Napa Viper chilies)…we say no more!





Vintage Hollywood Thinsoiation And The Perfect Figure

Ever wished you could get Audrey Hepburn’s elfin frame? Marilyn Monroe’s knock-out curves? Grace Kelly’s beautifully slim, trim waist? Then look no further than Hollywood Diet and Fitness.

Published Dec 14, 2014 by admin

Since the 1920s, when Hollywood’s first screen heroines began to set beauty standards for the world, stars (and their adoring fans) have been waging a war against weight and the ‘perfect’ figure (which, of course, does not exist – every woman is beautiful).

Hollywood has always been infatuated with the ideal woman, whether that was the rail-thin flapper girls of the 1920s or the curvy, wholesome beauties of the 1950s. With studio nutritionists, Hollywood-endorsed exercise gurus, and weight clauses in actresses’ contracts dominating their lives, the goddesses of the silver screen really had to work to be beautiful…

Filled with hints, tips and cautionary tales from the lips of the starlets themselves, Hollywood Diet and Fitness provides all the vintage inspiration you’ll ever need to build your own body beautiful. Written by Laura Slater, Hollywood Diet and Fitness turns back the clock to reveal exactly what went into building the most beautiful bodies on the silver screen.

It reveals the hardships and heartaches that actresses would endure to keep that Hollywood-approved figure. With expert opinions from modern dieticians and a chapter devoted to each decade from the roaring twenties to the flirtatious fifties, Hollywood Diet and Fitness reveals the slimming secrets of the screen sirens of yesteryear, and asks whether women really should have to suffer to be beautiful.

Featuring beautiful photographs and vintage imagery, Laura Slater collects some of the most amusing and alarming diet and fitness tips to come out of Tinseltown in this newest vintage compendium.

A lovely little retro read!

‘Nothing is worse for the waistline than slumping.’ – Audrey Hepburn






Published Dec 18, 2014 by admin

The Wombats follow their Top 5 album ‘This Modern Glitch’ with the release of their third full-length ‘Glitterbug’ on April 6th via 14th Floor Records / Warner Bros. Records.

Produced by Mark Crew (Bastille) and The Wombats – frontman Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy, bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen and drummer Dan Haggis – the album’s themes were inspired by core songwriter Murph’s experiences in Los Angeles. Drawn to the city’s mix of “opulence and anxiety”, his songwriting for the album focused upon the idea of writing about a tumultuous relationship with a fictional woman from Los Angeles.

“That became the main inspiration for most of the songs, this false world that I’d created for myself,” he explains. “As time progressed, I’d go to L.A. more and more, and the idea kept on building.The album’s about the envy and the struggle and the pretence and the worry and the fear that L.A. – and every major city in the world – encompasses.”

Approximately halfway through the writing process, events conspired to curve full-circle from fiction into fact when Murph started dating a seemingly unattainable woman from the city. And so imaginary stories evolved into real life concerns: the fading embers of his relationship back in London and the challenges of maintaining a long distance relationship.

Instrumentally, most of the songs took one of two directions: back in Liverpool, bassist Tord and drummer Dan’s rush of creativity would result in them delivering backing tracks as a foundation for Murph to then build upon in L.A. or London; alternatively Murph would develop the essence of a song on guitar or piano for the band to collectively flesh out. Despite the initial geographic displacement of the trio, subsequent sessions at Mark Crew’s London studio demonstrated that The Wombats’ inter-band dynamics are as strong as ever before.

‘Greek Tragedy’ floats an East Asian-infused synth riff over booming, distorted drum beats, while another immediate stand-out, the uplifting ‘Give Me A Try’ (inspired by Murph’s blossoming new relationship) represents the band’s most positive lyric to date.

Other highlights include the elastic bass and pulsating disco rhythm that permeates throughout ‘Be Your Shadow’; the almost unrecognisably different ‘Emoticons’; and ‘This is Not A Party’which addresses Murph’s swing from celebratory hedonism to a borderline existential crisis over the course of some “fairly sizeable” nights out in the summer of 2013.

‘Glitterbug’ also features ‘Your Body Is A Weapon’, which was originally released as a free download for the band’s devoted fanbase. Premiered by Zane Lowe at Radio 1 and later included in his 100 Hottest Records of the Year, the track demonstrated their continuing popularity with over 2 million plays split between YouTube and SoundCloud.

This Modern Glitch’ saw The Wombats build on the initial success of their debut album as it became their highest charting album as it debuted at #3 in the UK. It also became their biggest international album to date – most notably in Australia where it peaked at #2 as it reached Platinum status.

In addition, ‘This Modern Glitch’ also launched some of their most popular singles so far such as ‘Techno Fan’, ‘Tokyo (Vampires and Wolves)’, ‘Jump Into The Fog’ (a Top 10 hit onBillboard’s Alternative Songs charts) and ‘Anti-D’. They subsequently headlined Lovebox and Wakestock, and were also a highlight of numerous other festivals including Glastonbury, V, Radio 1’s Big Weekend and Rockness, as well as a packed tent at Coachella and an arena tour of Australia.

The Wombats recently announced the following UK dates as part of a wider European tour that encompasses shows in a further ten countries:


8th – Bristol, O2 Academy

9th – Manchester, Academy

10th – Birmingham, O2 Academy

11th – Sheffield, Leadmill (SOLD OUT)

13th – London, O2 Academy Brixton

15th – Oxford, O2 Academy

17th – Glasgow, Barrowlands

18th – Liverpool, O2 Academy (SOLD OUT)

19th – Newcastle, O2 Academy




John Hassell Takes A Trip To "Byron Bay" - The Single From Thinking Stream

Published Jun 17, 2014 by admin

London – Thinking Stream have unveiled their collaboration with newly discovered British recording artist Josh Hassell for the release of the eagerly awaited single “Byron Bay”, due for release on 6th July at all digital retailers. “Byron Bay” see’s Hassell offering his vocals to the uplifting summer track about a trip to the Beachside town of Byron Bay, Australia. The track was written and co-produced by Talk Talk founding member Simon Brenner, who describes the song as “Being happy, enjoying yourself and being in love.”

The English born singer also features on the music video that was shot on location in London and Byron Bay. An exclusive video of the track “Byron Bay” can be viewed now via Thinking Stream’s popular YouTube channel, Thinking Stream – Byron Bay ft. Josh Hassell.

Hassell who started singing at the age of 13 auditioned for X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent but decided to pursue a musical career on his own. The 18 year old names the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Michael Buble and Robbie Williams as is greatest influences and mentions Ed Sheeran’s album+ as the reason he began playing the guitar.

Hailed as a “happy-go-lucky summer anthem,” “Byron Bay” has immediately proven to be a hit by many critics. The single sees an impressive array of producers and contributors including percussionist and drummer Martin Ditcham who worked with music legends including The Rolling Stones and Tina Turner.

After a nationwide search to find the right person to front Thinking Streams first releases Josh so impressed Thinking Stream’s production team that he recorded 5 tracks with “Byron Bay” making the cut as the debut single, a song with a retro feel and Latin and Motown influences.

Hassell will be promoting the single throughout the UK this summer with further releases from Thinking Stream expected to drop later in the year.