Lovely Luscious Locks – Ena Salon

We’re a society that’s obsessed with perfection. And that doesn’t stop when it comes to hair. From a young age, we’re subconsciously surrounded by images of hair beauty. (You only have to look back at any Disney Princess to see that they are all perfectly coiffed – this must be why they always get the Prince).

Published Jul 16, 2014
Nel Rochfort Creates

Nel Rochfort creates unique bespoke and one off pieces in her wonderland illustrative style, together with working with individuals and Companies producing designs, pattern, illustration, product, and large scale murals. Nel Rochort has 17 years experience in the design and fashion industry. Her creations have appeared in Italian and UK VOGUE, GRAZIA, GLAMOUR, LOOK, ES, [...]

Published Jul 14, 2014
Forage in Fika’s Forest

Fika, the uniquely authentic Swedish Bar & Kitchen on London’s Brick Lane, is currently celebrating the darkly seductive ‘Huldufolk’ (meaning ‘Hidden Folk’) and embracing the fabled forest creatures of Scandinavian folklore.

Published Jul 8, 2014
Sam Faiers Interview

Model, reality TV star, fashion icon, business entrepreneur, brand ambassador! Sam Faiers has done it all

Published Jul 4, 2014
Charlie Hedges, Queen of the Waves

Words: Tomo Kembery   Essex girl Charlie has been on our waves for ages with her hit breakfast show on Kiss 100 with Rickie and Melvin. So, HOTHOT decided to catch up with the Queen herself to talk a “Day in the Life of” to find out how she came to dominate our radio!   [...]

Published Jul 3, 2014
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